A combination of hard-wood and acrylic gives this unique piece an authentic personality and timeless design, bringing the vacuum-tubes back in the picture for a whole new listening experience. Built to last in Southern California, the Radiola uses an environmentally conscious selection of hard-wood which minimizes distortion, under a nicely finished acrylic top resulting on a simple unobtrusive design.


The three 12AX7  vacuum tubes are easy to access from the top and provide a high gain, clear and warm sound. The grill opening for ventilation is painted on Wimbledon White from the classic 66 Ford Mustang. Built in Turntable with carbon fiber aluminized tonearm and Ortofon 2M cartridge. Hi-end phono pre-amp, bluetooth connection and two extra inputs. 


Powered by a custom-made hybrid amplifier that combines the warmth of the tubes to the efficiency of the ICE-Power® amplifier, the Radiola delivers a wide range of dynamic, clear and natural sound through two 6.5" woofers and dual ring radiator tweeters on a Bass-Reflex enclosure.



Vacuum Tube pre-amp + ICE-Power® power-amp


Drivers - 6.5" Polypropylene cone reference woofers + 1" soft-dome                tweeters 


Power - 125 Watts per channel (THD 0.05%)

Frequency Range - 42Hz - 20KHz (+/- 3db)

Built in 4.0 Bluetooth Module


Auxiliary Input (3.5 mm)


RCA stereo Input



Dimensions - TBD


Weight - TBD