Sonnora was born in 2017 with the intention of providing high-end audio systems and beautiful aesthetics for the refined everyday listener. The simple and friendly platform combined with our clean design, makes each of our products unique and easy to operate. Developed by Product Designer Bernardo Mas and custom made in Southern California, Sonnora speakers are environmentally friendly designed, using mainly smaller pieces of hardwood that are not the right size for larger applications and so left behind. Those "left overs" are are the perfect size for our speakers, delivering low distortion music and long lasting design. Integrating "new" technology with old-school tube pre-amps, they achieve high quality audio output, breaking up the undesired digital aspect of the audio source. 



Product Designer Bernardo Mas, Otis College Alumni, is a Spanish/Brazilian, producer, musician and classic cars aficionado that devoted his life to make things look and work better.

Sonnora Owner and Designer

Since I was a kid, "destroying" my toys and re-assembling them my own way gave me a sense of how things work. With a few tools plus a jig-saw, I started to develop my concept of what was cool creating "things" and shaping wood the way I liked it.  I worked as a DJ on my teen years, and played in a number of bands with my school mates. Music was always a big part of my life mixed with my passion for cars, bikes and design. Later on at the age of 18, I had the chance to combine my passion for cars and music into my first entrepreneurship, owning a stereo shop which quickly became a reference in Rio de Janeiro, expanding audio concepts into home theater, and boat systems. My life revolved around audio design, music production, recording, composing and touring around Brazil. Going back to school was always a plan B for someone that was just doing great with some college on his back. In 2011 I decided to quit the band, sell the business and come to California to attend Otis College of Art and Design to finally get a Product Design degree. By the end of the course, I designed a beautiful modern piece of furniture with a built-in turntable, power amplifier and speakers. I ended up making a mini bluetooth version of this piece and the idea was planted. A year later, after some work experience, I decided that it was time to fly by myself, as I always did, and started my own shop, Sonnora Design.