This is a pair of speakers that can be set up on a computer desk, as bookshelf speakers at the office, in your living room, or bedroom. The hardwood case provides long life, solid bass response and low distortion on a small and highly efficient speaker. The conscious use of narrow pieces of hardwood combined in a slanted face box impresses by its form and functionality, making it easy to direct the sound to your ears in any environment. Built-in bluetooth and a high efficiency Class-D amplifier complete this beautiful aesthetics piece capable of delivering a wide range of dynamic, clear and natural sound through two audiophile grade full-range speakers on a Bass-Reflex enclosure.


Class-D power-amp


Drivers - 3" High-End Full-range 


Power - 30 Watts per channel (THD 0.05%)

Frequency Range - 65Hz - 20KHz (+/- 3db)

Built in 4.0 Bluetooth Module


Auxiliary Input (3.5 mm)


Walnut / Maple 

Dimensions - 12.5 W x 25 D x 25 H (cm) - Each Speaker


Weight - 6 Kg